interactive projects and installations

Interaction is one of my hobbies, combining code, light and human-machine interaction has captivated me for years, here are some samples of interactive projects and installations.

Icon creation app

This project arises from a very specific need. Ludwig, a 5-year-old boy with different abilities, needed a little help to communicate with his mother. He usually uses printed cards with icons such as the "eat" icon to indicate that he is hungry. The problem is that his vocabulary is limited by the difficulty of designing, printing and cutting out these icons each time he learns a new word. This app was created to streamline the icon creation process and expand Ludwig's vocabulary. It was tested by him in real scenarios and was very useful for the child's language development.

Interactive water sound speaker

The visual effects generated by sound in combination with water have an organic and hypnotic movement. This installation explores this effect through distance sensors, speakers, water and a projector of opaque bodies.

Babblarna Application

Babblarna are a set of Swedish characters that all children adore. In this video I make use of fiducial codes (similar to a QR code) attached to plastic toys that generate a moving gif image.