Braun PRIZE MExico 2007 Finalist Project

Braun Prize Mexico award was one of the most important design awards in the country.


The principal aim of ‘Nanokatana’ is providing different types of sitting positions in just one object. It can be used as a normal chair or stool and also as an intermediate seat; in other words, as a support that allows freedom of movements without standing and the possibility of resting without sitting down. Besides, it can be folded to be put away.

To be able to change from one position to another, the back is held with both hands and it rotates easily with the same force that you would use with any common foldable chair. The seat and the back form a system of four independent axes, linked together by its legs. Through the interaction of the axes with the body’s weight over the chair, the back part’s movement is mostly disabled during use, producing stability and reliability for the user.

This product saves money and space because of its multi-functionality. It is made of very light and resistant materials. These materials, among other

benefits, visually alert the user regarding excessive sitting time, through the change of color, thus avoiding possible physical problems.

Finding of the Jury:

This product takes technical develops from nanotechnologie field. The concept achieves a nice aesthetic, with ergonomic and functional

advantages. The form, materials and production processes are developing with basis in nanotechnologie principles. This is an example to open the possibility of taking technical advantages to create innovative consume