social enterprises

The Sierra Tarahumara in the north of Mexico is home to one of the many mystical and admirable Mexican cultures, the Rarámuris or "light feet" are one of the most special people. They are called light feet because they are capable of running marathons of hundreds of kilometers (ultramarathons) over several days showing an unprecedented capacity and ability that has been reflected in best sellers (book Born to Run) and series (Netflix Lorena, the light feet). However, life in the depths of the Sierra is not easy and some communities do not even have water due to old facilities or difficult access to transport something as basic as a water tank. A group of people gave ourselves the task of trying to help communities a little by getting sponsorships and donations to be able to bring water to the most remote and needy places. We managed to provide water to an entire community and bring a few water tanks to a legendary ultramarathon champion. But the reality is that that experience helped me more to understand my own culture better.

I love to run

Silvestre, 16 years old at that time, tells me about the education and culture of the runner in the Sierra Tarahumara.

Interview with anselmo and marciano

Anselmo and Marciano are two of the 240 inhabitants of the Sierra who suffer from droughts, plagues, government disinterest and, consequently, hunger. This visit and the video of the interview served to obtain enough donations to buy, transport and pay the inhabitants for the installation of 11 km of heavy-duty hose, a solar power converter and pantries. The community was again provided with water. One of the most important sources of support was achieved during a series of conferences in Mexico City by presenting this interview and contacting several business associations in Chihuahua and Mexico City.

arnulfo quimare legend

Arnulfo Quimare is one of the most recognized ultramarathoners both in the Sierra Tarahumara and in the world. However, like many other Rarámuri people, he does not have basic services on a day-to-day basis. Through the Kórima project, the purchase and shipment of 2 water tanks for their home was achieved. This video shows how difficult it is to access one of the most remote communities in the Sierra Tarahumara.