OTHER explorations

Some projects developed in the last year, still in development stages.

Circular moire screen

The moiré effect has been studied for decades, however, it is not so easy to automate it. That is why I began to explore a machine that allows to visualize patterns of this style, adding colored background light through LEDs, as well as movement with a motor and a microcontroller.
At the moment, with the finished device, it is easier to test different patterns that can be developed in vector programs and printed on transparent acetates in any laser printer.
Some results are shown.

MoirE and scanimation viewer

The moire effect can be achieved with a horizontal movement as well as a different effect called Scanimation. 
The Scanimation effect allows you to make animations with few frames.
Currently with the finished device I began to test with printed acetates and short animations inspired by classic video games such as Mario Bros and Punch Out.

games on a mini oled screen

The use of very low power consumption microcontrollers and peripherals such as this 128x64 pixel OLED screen has been interesting. The game must weigh less than 32KB so it is similar to what the first games made in history could weigh.

Don't stop

If you stop the character gets upset.

Virus rain

Just viruses moving randomly.

Ping without pong

Exploring physical simulation with a ball, adding sound effects.

OPTICAL effects

These explorations allow us to see that rhythm, scale and movement combined can create striking visual patterns.