In recent years I have given more than 10 creative workshops focused on various topics related to design in universities such as TEC and UNAM among some others.

I have 2 experiences on the AirBnB Experiences MĂ©xico's platform.

Workshop "Insighters"

Tecnologico de Monterrey, Queretaro Campus Mexico 2014

Element Factor Congress 2014

Understanding of the user through observation and analysis of the context in which he lives and of the people and objects with which he interacts in his daily life.

New research, analysis and strategy tools were presented and applied in the design of products and services.

Workshop "e of design"

Industrial Design Research Center, UNAM

CDMX, Mexico 2011

The "Workshop on Strategic and Participatory Design," is a multidisciplinary workshop, lasting 3 to 5 days, which seeks to convey a new alternative to design to generate solutions to real problems. The result is not necessarily a product but a set of communication services, systems and strategies.


In experiences of this type, it is possible to understand the various personal relationships that exist in settings other than the classroom or business environment. The experiences have allowed me to share knowledge and better understand the intrinsic dynamics of providing a service combining participation and attracting the attention of different profiles of people.

The description of this experience is:

"I invite you to appreciate a good coffee from a different point of view. First a brief talk about the culture of coffee in Mexico. Then we will enjoy a coffee tasting starting with a dynamic in which we will learn about aromas, flavors and textures that you can find in a cup of coffee. Finally we will taste some of the best Mexican beans based on the procedures of the American Specialty Coffee Association. Mexico is one of the main coffee producers worldwide, you are going to try some of the purest flavors on this earth. "