interactive projects and installations

Interaction is one of my hobbies, combining code, light and human-machine interaction has captivated me for years, here are some samples of interactive projects and installations.

Character coloring mini-game

This game was developed in 1 week with the idea of ​​transferring some drawings that my daughter has colored to the Arduino IoT Carrier.

The project is a small video game in which by pressing one of the five buttons some parts of the character are colored. When the button is pressed it has some randomness in the selection of the part of the character to color.

There are 7 characters that change every time the Arduino Carrier is shaken.

Moscas game

"Moscas" (flies) is a game developed in 2 weeks that takes advantage of the Arduino IoT carrier device. The device has some cool features like built-in buttons and sensors and is ready to connect using the Arduino Cloud.

The project is a small video game in which I experimented with some graphics running on the small 240x240px screen of the Arduino Mkr Carrier, the graphic content was done with Adobe Illustrator and previewed in Figma.

The object of the game is to try to catch 9 flies by touching the button that corresponds to the lit LED. It has 3 levels of difficulty and sounds from a buzzer. It was easier to turn the game on and off using the Arduino app connected to the Arduino Cloud.


Conectoma seeks to provide an immersive experience to users and represent the type of interaction between people through technological networks.

This installation seeks to trigger a reflection on the change in communication between people caused by the tools provided by emerging technologies, turning voice into biometric data that users provide voluntarily and without perception of the vulnerability of their data.

Communication technologies are increasingly present, some manifestations of these technologies are usually the algorithms of social networks, user data networks, and biometric data collection, among others.

These technologies have quickly become part of our daily lives, offering great advantages for users and developers, however, the legal and ethical frameworks regarding user privacy are still developing.

Conectoma is a light installation consisting of several modules that define a 3m³ space. Inside each module is a light laser which projects patterns generated by the vibration of a person's voice. The pattern generated in module A is projected in module B, and vice versa, creating a non-verbal communication between the people in each module.

As in reality, we are not aware of where, how and when our voice data may arrive. Just like in the installation, we don't know who is observing the light patterns generated by our voice.

This is a team project, we are currently looking for funds to carry it out.

Icon creation app

This project arises from a very specific need. Ludwig, a 5-year-old boy with different abilities, needed a little help to communicate with his mother. He usually uses printed cards with icons such as the "eat" icon to indicate that he is hungry. The problem is that his vocabulary is limited by the difficulty of designing, printing and cutting out these icons each time he learns a new word.  This app was created to streamline the icon creation process and expand Ludwig's vocabulary. It was tested by him in real scenarios and was very useful for the child's language development.

Interactive water sound speaker

The visual effects generated by sound in combination with water have an organic and hypnotic movement. This installation explores this effect through distance sensors, speakers, water and a projector of opaque bodies.

Babblarna Application

Babblarna are a set of Swedish characters that all children adore. In this video I make use of fiducial codes (similar to a QR code) attached to plastic toys that generate a moving gif image.